Ad Club Honors Simon Jennings With Lifetime Achievement Award


Simon JenningsIf you work in the advertising industry and have not heard the name Simon Jennings than you are just doing it wrong! He has been in the Canadian online advertising space since the beginning, and is one of the key people who has helped to shape it (and continues to on a daily basis).  Recently during the 2013 Internet Day, The Ad Club took time to honor Simon Jennings with a lifetime achievement award which is given to individuals for their work in the Canadian digital industry.  This was the first year the industry association has given out this award.

Throughout his career so far he’s worked for organizations such as Clickthrough Interactive, DoubleClick (sold to Google), Yahoo, Olive Media, Postmedia Network and Gesca Media Sales.  He has also been generous with his time giving back to industry associations such as AIMS (Association of Internet Marketing & Sales) and the IAB Canada.

When he’s not building companies, sales teams or responsible for helping mentor industry professionals he likes to let his hair down (well, what is left) and put on some of the best parties the advertising industry has ever seen!  Some of the parties that he helped create while at Yahoo and Olive Media are legendary, and we’ve captured many of them over the years such as here and here.   Not only has Simon been responsible for many careers in the digital industry, but a hang over or two…

The winner of the Ad Club’s Lifetime Achievement award is selected by the Ad Club’s Board of Directors, and committee members of Internet Day, individuals are nominated by  members of the Canadian digital industry.