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TC Media Opens Up Digital Product Development Lab

TC Media announced its latest initiative this week called the TC Media Incubator, a laboratory that will oversee the company’s creation, development and incubation of new digital products. Bruno Leclaire, TC’s Chief Digital Officer has been tasked with heading up the incubator, which is said to launch this fall as part of the company’s new fiscal year.

“At TC Media, our ambition is to offer our advertising clients and our consumers top quality, innovative, highly efficient products and services,” said Ted Markle, President of TC Media. “The creation of the TC Media Incubator supports this ambition, in line with our sector’s strategic priorities. Bruno’s unparalleled experience in launching digital products makes him the obvious choice to successfully guide the projects that will evolve within our incubator.”Lab

Bruno has been involved in a number of TC Media’s latest new sites such as which we announced last week, and part of his role with the incubator will include management of all of the incubator’s operations, including allocation of the company’s major investments, establishment of an optimal work structure and efficient management of the portfolio of new digital products under development. As Chief Digital Officer, he will also continue to oversee TC Media’s digital strategy to ensure that all of the sector’s operations are consistent and optimally aligned.

Some development ideas for the TC Media Incubator will be generated by the TC Transcontinental Innovation Challenge, which encourages employee teams to brainstorm new concepts. All sources of ideas for the incubator will be welcome, including ideas from outside the company.  As well, an advisory committee of external experts will be set up to provide objective opinions and recommendations with regard to proposed concepts.

We had a chance to chat with Bruno briefly about the TC Media Incubator:

Profectio: Will this just be for internal projects or external ones as well? 

BL: We’re open to both. However, our initial priority will be to focus on internal products & projects.

Profectio: How will the advisory committee be picked?

BL: Interested candidates can contact me directly. I will decide, along with the TC Media Senior Management Team, who will be part of the external advisory committee. We will be looking for experts with different, yet complimentary backgrounds and strengths.



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