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Open For Business: RetailMeNot, Offers Canadians Digital Coupons To Save A Buck Or Two

Digital coupon marketplace RetailMeNot is making its international expansion and has selected Canada as the first country as they look to service the more than 6,000 retailers who do business in Canada.

“This cross-border expansion of the RetailMeNot brand is part of our long-term commitment to become a trusted source of savings for online consumers globally,” said Cotter Cunningham, the CEO and founder of RetailMeNot, Inc. “We’re excited to enter the Canadian market so we can help millions of RetailMeNotshoppers save money using digital coupons available online at and enable our retail partners in the region to boost their sales.”

The coupon business is certainly not new to consumers, but RetailMeNot is looking to “digitize” the old model and offer Canadians what they want – cost savings.  As part of their features include:

  • Easy search access to 21,000+ digital coupons from more than 6,000 retailers shipping to Canadian consumers;
  • The functionality to easily toggle back and forth between ( Canada ) and (U.S.);
  • The ability to browse for digital coupons by product category, including clothing, electronics, furniture and travel;
  • The opportunity for Canadian consumers to upload digital coupons from retailers that can help others save; and
  • The option to subscribe to the newsletter, with digital coupon content that rivals any weekly newspaper flyer.

The company also recently filed an initial public offering for up to $230 million, the Austin, Texas-based company offered coupons for over 60,000 retailers and brands in 2012 and had contracts with more than 10,000 paid retailers as of Dec. 31. It is estimated their revenue rose nearly eight-fold between 2010 and 2012 to $144.7 million.

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