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Open For Business: Fernandes and McDougald Launch Jones Media, Aims To Deliver Premium Shoppers To Advertisers

Back in May we broke the story that Cathy Fernandes & Erin McDougald (aka Peaches & Herb) were working on a stealth startup after successfully worked together at four different companies as employees over the last decade.  This week Cathy and Erin unveiled the wrapping and launched Jones Media, which aims to be “a Canadian premium shopper network offering a consumer-centric media proposition to national advertisers, while providing a media revenue stream for retailers and retail enablers.”

“Advertising is all about building relationships and leveraging opportunities in order to drive sales,” said Cathy Fernandes, Founding partner, Jones Media.  “We specialize in delivering premium shoppers to advertisers who want to engage in a more efficient and effective dialogue with their customers.  At Jones, we provide traditional media platforms and advertising opportunities, which fills a huge gap in the Canadian marketplace regarding home-grown data.  With our Canadian retail partners, we aim to be leaders in the shopper data arena with superior analytic profiling and segmentation, while defining a true 360 degree consumer-centric media proposition.”

Jones Media will focus on the Canadian retail space and with their shopper audience network help advertisers to deliver timely mesJones Mediasages throughout multi touch points whether through traditional online advertisements, digital audience extension, custom published magazines, sampling or others.  This strengthens the relationship between the advertiser and the customer and creates greater brand awareness, recall and convergent probabilities.

The company has already signed up a number of traditional media platforms,  as well they wil work with a number of online platforms which will help to generate a Canadian shopper audience Data Management Platform (DMP), allowing advertisers and agencies to layer second-party shopper data to their real-time bidding media buys.  The ‘Mr & Mrs Jones’ DMP will showcase both branded and non-branded segmentations.

Right out of the game Jones Media has signed their first partner, Beyond The Rack (BTR).