Is Cineplex's SuperTicket Service A Decade Late?

Cineplex“About f…. time they offer that, they should have had that 10 years ago.” – was the comment someone made over the weekend when I shared the news about Cineplex’s new SuperTicket with someone over the weekend. Now to say they are a colorful individual is an understatement, but is there any merit to what they said? Is this the type of service that Cineplex should have been offering years ago? 

At its core, there is nothing new here, we have been going to the movie theatres for decades, and digital download have been around for over a decade.

One one hand as mentioned here, it is great to see this type of service to come out of the Cineplex HQ, but at the same time weren’t we all downloading documents, music and video in the good ol’ Napster days (and for some before that.

So we’ve got to ask, are Canadian companies such as Cineplex innovating at a fast enough rate?