SAY Media Launches Adaptive Ads, New Format Aims To Deliver Better Digital Experience

A few weeks ago we reported about some layoffs at SAY Media, which had a small impact north of the border as the company looked to shift their focus a bit and today some of those changes are coming to light. SAY Media has just announced a new ad format called Adaptive Ads.

“Publishers have struggled with cobbled together publishing solutions and the challenge of translating high-quality content and ad experiences consistently across desktop, tablet and mobile,” said Matt Sanchez, CEO of Say Media. “Tempest is solving this problem by allowing our editors to efficiently publish premium content that works for readers anywhere.  Adaptive Ads integrates advertising seamlessly into the flow for a better reader experience on any device. These two developments are essential building blocks for the media company of the future.”

Microsoft Canada will be using the new ad format for their Office 365 campaign, they will be an exclusive Canadian partner.

 “As online publishing shifts to a more thread based reading style, Adaptive Ads allows us to immerse our ad messages seamlessly into a flow of premium content,” said Scott Glitz, Digital Media Manager at Starcom MediaVest Group. “What really attracted us to this program is that we can now observe how readers will consume ad content across all digital platforms.

As more and more consumers turn to mobile devices, SAY Media says this new ad format allows for advertising on any platform or device and comes in two formats, Adaptive Fullscreen is a 100 percent share of voice ad experience inline with the content, while Adaptive Stripe is an inline, full-width banner that works within the context of shorter pieces of content.