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Open For Business: Chapman & Lago Form Branded Content Television (BCT)

BRANDED CONTENT TELEVISION - Canada's Newest Industry EntrantBranded Content Television (BCT Inc.) opened its doors today, headed up by Carmen Lago, Former Director of Brand Partnerships at Bell Media. Carmen will be working with Co-Founder Tony Chapman, President and CEO of Capital C, who steps in as an advisor and investor to the firm.

BCT’s goals is to help brands “create compelling content that engages the consumer and travels effortlessly across his or her entire ecosystem, regardless of the medium. The company will connect with consumers where they watch, surf, search and shop while weaving a client’s brand effortlessly into the storyline. BCT will take an active role in the creative process as storytellers and branded content negotiators, partnering with networks and like-minded production companies to bring these ideas and concepts to life.”

The company will also work on a number of partnership deals where they will partner with brands to identify, package and negotiate the right content and media deals in order to bring a brand a much higher ROI than through traditional media ad buys.

“The only word I have to describe what lies ahead is tremendous opportunity”, says Carmen Lago, President of BCT. “I’m thrilled to be in this new and exciting role and leaving the corporate world for this entrepreneurial enterprise. Further, being validated and supported by Tony Chapman through his investment and advisory role only adds to my confidence and vision that this is the right time and place for me – the opportunity is huge.”

BCT’s first co-development deal is with Melissa DiMarco and Out There Productions for “Totally Disorganized Woman”, starring Melissa DiMarco. Additional co-development productions and partnerships are expected to be announced by  the next ten days the company will announce a roster of co-development productions and deals.