As AppNexus Hosts VIP Dinner In Toronto, RTB Player Teases To Big Things In Store

Heather Forrester, Canadian Country Manager for AppNexus and a few other “Appnexians” (yes, that is how they refer to themselves) hosted a VIP at the Trump Towers in downtown, Toronto a few weeks ago.  Each “Appnexian” shared a tidbit of things to come from the real-time bidding technology provider, but perhaps the most insightful comment came from Andrew Benton, Account Manger for AppNexus said “organic growth is what we see in the United States, but Canada seems to be going from 0 to 2.0.”  This echoes similar comments made by Brian O’Kelley when he was in Toronto a few weeks ago.

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Desiree Tunstall, Customer Experience Manager, Consultant for AppNexus spoke about a new robust solution that is coming from AppNexus for both buyers and sellers.  With their recently venture funded round of $75 million secured, AppNexus is also investing heavily into its technology solutions through some soon to be released products such as Project Tango, as well the company will be making a very concentrated effort too offer advertisers better solutions that focus on consumers using mobile devices, Heather also eluded to beefing up the talent roster here in Toronto in the coming months.