AcuityAds Strengthens Real-Time Bidding As It Brings Geotargeted Powered By Digital Element

As they continue to beef up their real-time bidding (RTB) offering, Toronto-based AcuityAds has just announced a new technology partnership with Digital Element, a provider of IP Intelligence and geolocation solutions.  AcuityAds Inc. has agreed to use the  NetAcuity Edge solution to help facilitate the delivery of hyperlocal geotargeted advertising campaigns in the United States and Canada.

As a sub-sector of digital marketing, RTB has seen a significant upswing and was predicted to be 13% of all digital spending in 2012 according to eMarketer, and the IAB estimates that 22 percent of all online video advertising and 19 percent of display are now bought through RTB platforms.

“There is no question that programmatic buying is becoming the future of marketing as more and more advertising inventory becomes digital,” said Marco Muzzi, marketing director for AcuityAds. “This is an extremely exciting time for digital advertising. Being able to offer an accurate hypertargeting solution helps us ensure our clients are reaching consumers in the most relevant geographic locations which, in turn, drive performance and results for their campaigns.”

In addition to the Edge technology, AcuityAds is utilizing Digital Element’s ISP and proxies data solutions.