Fongo Aims To Shift Power To Consumers With Latest Campaign

Fongo has been very open about their intend to acquire WIND Mobile, and recently mobile communications company launched a new campaign called “Fongo Faces,” which Fongo hopes will convey to Canadians that they embrace a more open mobile environment in Canada where the power of mobile data plans in the hands of consumers.

“We’ve been programmed as Canadians to believe we can choose from only three telecom companies— the blue team, the red team or the green team—and these companies control so much of what we see and do on a daily basis,” said Dave Bullock, President of Fongo Inc. “Millions of Canadians are stuck in expensive contracts with their wireless carriers but that doesn’t mean their carriers should control what they see and feel each time they use their phones.”


Fongo Faces allows users to choose which team they want to play for, whether it be a charity, movement, band, university, or sports team—or they can build their own Fongo Face in about 10 minutes. Fongo Faces are easily customized with graphics, social feeds, ads and links to enable users to choose what they see each time they place a call, send a text, or check their voicemail.

Fongo Faces come with Fongo’s portfolio of free mobile phone services, already used by hundreds of thousands of Canadians. These free services include texting, local and long distance calling across Canada, visual voicemail, caller ID, call waiting, and call forwarding. Earlier this month, Fongo added free conference calling and Fongo Places, a directory and mapping service powered by Yellow PagesT, to its menu of services.