Olive Media Continues The Tradition, Invites To Annual Summer Bash Coming Soon…

Since its inception back in 2006 Olive Media has been a force in the Canadian online advertising world.  We’ve covered their growth for years, and they have won a lot of business since their launch as they represent not only Canadian, but global brands.  The Olive Media team works pretty hard, but they also know how to unwind and throw a VERY GOOD party as we’ve been fortunate to be part of year after year.
Of course part of the pre-party fun is trying to guess what theme they will have for the party, in the past the themes included:
So what will the theme for the 2013 Olive Media Annual Bash be?  Also, what outlandish costumes will be wore at the party? Maybe this year will be an aliens theme (or something space related), perhaps something beach related – spring is in the air!
Either way, it will be another good event, and by far the BEST advertising industry party of the summer.  Bromley and team put a lot of effort into hosting the 500+ people who will be in attendance are GUARANTEED to have a great night.