Survey Says Average Canadian Internet User Owns More Than $32,000 In Digital Assets

bankMcAfee released the results of their latest global survey this week which were designed to study consumers’ online surfing habits and assess their attitudes towards Web security and data protection. The McAfee Digital Assets Survey revealed that Canadian consumers value their digital assets at more than $32,000. Globally, Internet users place an average value of $35,000 on these assets. Despite this, almost one in five (17 per cent) of Canadian users, and 14 per cent of global users, do not have comprehensive security software on all of their digital devices.

Research firm MSI International surveyed more than 7,000 Internet users in 12 countries about their online behaviours and security practices, and found that on average, global respondents stored 3,379 digital files on at least one digital device. Fifty-five (55) per cent of those files were considered impossible to restore if lost and not backed up properly.

Canadians are no stranger to the Internet, and in many reports so that Canada tends to use more broadband bandwidth when compared to other countries around the world.