Exclusive: SAY Media Layoffs 10%, Cuts Also Reach Into Canada

SAY MediaWe caught an article on Techcrunch last week that indicated SAY Media had laid off 10% of its workforce, which triggered us to check in with the Canadian team to see if anyone north of the border was impacted as well.  We’ve covered SAY Media a number of times on Profectio, and also gave them credit for its business model, as they own their own online properties and represent third party publishers in advertising deals.  This gives the sales staff two types of sales, as well it also increases the potential revenue earnings when you own and represent an online property.

However we live in a fast paced digital world, one day you are on top and the next day you are closing your doors. Fortunately SAY appears to be one of those companies who is constantly looking at “what’s next.”. Unfortunately as they shed away old business practices it can leave certain roles redundant.

As SAY Media looks to shift to profitability, they did have to cut some none sales functions, and in Canada this represented one individual on the production side, out of the company’s total staff of 400.