"Mobile Has The Opportunity To Be More Programatic Than Display" Says AppNexus' Brian O'Kelley

Brian Kelly AppNexusAppNexus held a private thought leadership event on Friday, where a number of senior people involved in the Canadian Real-time bidding (RTB) space had a chance to hear and meet the management team of AppNexus.  The event was hosted by Heather Forrester, Country Manager, AppNexus Canada who was able to gather some of the key players to meet Brian O’Kelley, CEO & Co-Founder of AppNexus along with Michael Rubenstein, President of AppNexus.

Brian added that Canada is a huge priority for AppNexus and in many cases has been the country where products are launched first, just ask the folks over at Olive Media or eyeReturn, or the publisher joint-venture known as CPAX who have both been long time partners.

We were able to capture some of Brian comments that he shared with the audience:

What’s Canada going to do next?

  • Business have created powerful networks, we have been seeing a steady increase in private networks being launched such as CPAX
  • The UK is ahead of the US with respect to RTB
  • In many cases we do things in Canada first before we bring those solutions to the US
  • There is still a lot of work to be done, there is an education gap with respect to understanding and usage of real-time bidding
  • Many CMO’s still don’t get RTB, however the difference is that in the US “we” spend money just because, whereas other countries then to have a “wait and see” approach
  • 12 % of global traffic is mobile traffic compared to 2011

With more mobile devices such as smartphones and tables continuing to be purchased and used by consumers, AppNexus is also looking to provide better tools to help track the activity on the devices to help brands with better targeting.  Brian also added that “mobile has the opportunity to be more programatic than display advertising, ” which some may say is a bold statement especially when we have heard the promise for years that “This is the year of mobile.”  However we are seeing huge growth within the RTB space on both sides of the border.