Breaking: Markus Templer Joins Rocket Fuel Canada

Markus TemplerWe’ve just gotten word that Markcus Templer is packing up his desk and saying the final goodbye’s to the team at Olive Media. Today marks his final day with the Toronto-based advertising network.  So what’s next? Markus will be joining Rocket Fuel Canada as their new Senior Account Executive.

His previous roles include a Senior Account Executive with MySpace Canada (which shut down operations in the country in June 2009), a Senior Account Executive with Crucial Interactive and Senior Senior Account Executive at Rydium (a division of Suite66).

Rocket Fuel Canada is headed up by Aileen Hernandez Halpenny, and was originally launched in Canada by Riaz Sheikh who’s now over at eyeDemand (a division of eyeReturn).

Olive Media also recently lost Mladen Raickovic, but added Ray Philipose a few weeks later as their new Vice President of Performance.