Gets A Little Racy In "Uncle Bob" Ad Spot

QuestChat.comWhile online dating can lead to good experiences, it can get a little tricky at times, and that’s just what chat line service shows us in their latest adverting spot.  In the spot titled “Uncle Bob,” a sexy young couple is seen in the throes of passion, kissing and caressing atop a kitchen counter. At one point, the male glances over his would-be lover’s shoulder to the fridge where, beside random takeout menus, photos are tacked up… including, amazingly, one of the male lover’s Uncle Bob on holiday – lei around his neck and fancy cocktail raised in salute.

“The ‘Uncle Bob’ ad – which was created by the evil geniuses at Blammo Ad Agency – is racy but it’s a good way of humorously underlining this idea that person-to-person chatting is the best way of establishing rapport,” says Rob Fisher, Director of Marketing for First Media Group, which operates QuestChat. “Our chatline, now available as a free-to-download App for Android smart phones, takes some of the guess-work out of modern dating.”