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The New Cross Screen Engagement Roundtable

Natasha HritzukEarlier this week, Microsoft Advertising hosted an invitation only event called “The New Cross Screen Engagement Roundtable,” the event focused on increasingly reliant on surfaces such as laptops, mobile phones, tablets, televisions and gaming consoles for inspiration, information, communication and entertainment. The hyper-mobile nature of these devices is changing the way publishers drive content and the way marketers can consider engaging their consumers.

The keynote speaker for the morning session was Natasha Hritzuk, Director of Insights & Analytics, Microsoft Advertising who presented research that Microsoft Advertising gathered over the last year:

Canada currently has a 86% smartphone penetration, and this will only grow year after year.


Why Do Consumers Do What They Do, When It Comes To Multi Screens

  • consumers have a different relationship with different devices from the smartphone to the tablet, as a result content creators have to be conscious of the type of experience that is created “per-device”

As part of their research Microsoft Advertising conducted a series of video interview with consumers, one of the comments that really stood out was, “multi screen is my sanity, because I don’t like to miss content on a screen.”  This sounds like devices have moved from a “nice to have” to a “must have.”

There are four multi-screen pathways:

  • multi-tasking
  • investigative
  • social
  • internet-based

Even now in 2013, content is still predominately driven by the TV, and then subsequent actions that derive from the original content translate to actions where 40% (occur on tablet), 29% (occur on smartphone), 54% (occur on laptop). However it is still possible to create multi screen engagements for your audience to create deeper and more meaningful experiences for audiences.

Intent-based quantum journeys exist in different places, they start on one screen and ‘leap’ over space, time and screens to another . For example a mom may check movie times on the go using her smartphone, but then make the actual purchases on her laptop from the family living room.

Mom’s tend to be more active on social “spiderwebbing,” they tend to be more social and check for validation from others.

During the hours of 6 pm to 9 pm, consumers tend to very strong “content gravers” and will often use all possible devices during different points of time.

New Rules For Commercial Content

Consumers want you to take them on a journey with content, they no longer just want a video. They want multi dimensional, multi layered experiences.
Banking still tends to occur on a PC, so they may start their journey on a smartphone, but there is still a degree of trust that resonates with consumers and the PC.


  • 50% of Canadians will have connected TV by the end of 2013
  • Communication technology has always made consumers smarter and amplified their diversity and their desire for control
  • The opportunity to communicate a message effectively has expanded
  • We’re used to communicate it, but advertising needs to be … NEW and Improved

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