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Will Mladen Raickovic's Departure From Olive Media Leave A Technical Gap In Management Team?

Mladen RaickovicAs one of the original teams members to bring Canadian advertising network Olive Media to life, Mladen Raickovic played a critical role he lead the technology that enabled Olive Media to become a dominate force in the Canadian digital advertise industry.  Over the years he helped to decide the technology used for the online advertising network and ensured their solution worked with all partners to provide the level of service that clients came to expect from Olive Media, or as other’s in the industry have referred it as “white glove service.”  It is not and easy role when there are technology solutions involved to create an advertising network like this, and at the same time provide an easy to use experience.

He recently said good-bye to the team at Olive Media as he was appointed General Manager at AdKnowledge, and he will be appointed to their Facebook advertising management unit called AdParlor.  As part of the new role, he will be responsible for the day to day business and oversee the company’s strategy and growth.

So what is next for Olive Media?  Will Raickovic’s departure leave a big gap on the technology side of Olive Media’s business? On one it does not seem to have made a dent on the company’s ability to bring in new business, and on the other hand you have to wonder what is next for Olive Media?  Of couse we can not forget the strong management team that is still in place at Olive Media led by Kristie Painting and Theresa Smith as Co-General Managers (aka Cagney and Lacey).


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