Year Of Mobile Consumption Is Here Says comScore’s Lowe-Bernie During #mixxcanada

Delivering a keynote at last week’s IAB Canada MIXX Conference in Toronto, Brent Lowe-Bernie, President of comScore Canada shared the latest stats on digital usage across Canada. Not as much growth as some would like, but digital spending continues to be on the rise when compared to last year, and of course we can’t talk about digital without including mobile.

Is This The Year Of Mobile

We have all heard the saying, “this is the year of mobile,” and year after year we get disappointed to the results. However Brent added a twist on the old saying, “This is the year of mobile consumption,” as he pointed out during his talk and backed it up with some interesting stats:

  • 13% of web traffic comes from mobile and tablets
  • watching videos on mobile phones is one of the fastest categories of mobile consumption
  • 43% of tablet users use the device to read magazines
  • 4 out of 10 users are buying goods
  • 50% of tablet users are watching television