Collective Bias Extends Social Shopper Reach Program Into Canada Through Strategic Partnership With 3SP Media

Collective BiasUS-based Collective Bias, a social shopper media company recently announced it is partnering with Toronto-based 3SP Media, a media group focusing on sales and marketing programs for consumer brands and retailers, to further its expertise and leadership position within the industry to Canadian consumers and brands.

Collective Bias created their “Social Fabric community,” which is a group of influencers who turn their shopping experiences and product usage into creative and engaging stories that are shared with millions within their own blogs and social networks.  The community currently consisting of 1,300 bloggers, more than 125 are Canadian-based.

Entrance into the community is by invitation only and consists of bloggers that have been selected by Collective Bias and chosen based on their level of interactivity and engagement with their audience as well as their network reach.