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Just Dance 4 Has A "Good Feeling" With Flo Rida And New World Record Compeitition

Just Dance 4The Ubisoft Canada team have been having a ton of fun over the last few months with one of their latest creations, Just Dance 4.  They have created a series of online and offline promotions to get consumers into the mood and participating in the party.

As they look to the next step, they are getting ready for a nation-wide program aimed at giving university students a well-deserved break from their studies, Crush Exam Stress and Just Dance. In the process, Ubisoft will also seek to set a world record on Saturday April 6th 2013, with students from university campuses across Canada all dancing simultaneously to Flo Rida’s Good Feeling.

The new program is based on the insight that exam periods being one of the most stressful times for students on campus, and as they cram for finals they are likely to be more reclusive and shy away from physical activity. The campaign was created n collaboration with Edelman and Redwood Strategic.

“The ultimate goal is to give students a break from the stressful weeks leading up to exams and to use Just Dance 4 as a positive way to connect them and their friends as well as campuses across the country,” said Jeyson Acevedo, Public Relations Manager, Ubisoft Canada. “And going after a world record will just make it that much more fun.

Student can visit the registration page on CampusPerks, which will be open until March 15th, Here, they can create an account on CampusPerks, or login via Facebook and sign up for the opportunity to make their case for why they should be their campus’ advocate for the program. The top eight advocates will be responsible for mobilizing their community to participate in the cross-Canada record breaking attempt.

As part of the next phase of the campaign, Ubisoft plans to launch the first ever Just Dance microsite in Canada later this month where students can share their own photos and videos to help gear up for the big event.