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Bell Media Gets REFINED With New Original Online Series

Patrick McMurrayAs more and more consumers look towards streaming content to watch the latest episodes of their favourite tv shows, content creators continue to experiment with the medium to engage with audiences.  You may recall that Netflix recently released the entire series of its new show House of Cards staring Kevin Spacey.  The online streaming service also recently partnered with DreamWorks Animation to create the first ever Netflix Original Series called Turbo: F.A.S.T. (Fast Action Stunt Team is aimed at kids. The series is based on the movie Turbo which premiers  in theaters this summer.

Earlier this week, Bell Media and Toyota Canada Inc. announced their new partnership for a exclusive original online series REFINED available now at The show is hosted by Patrick McMurray, owner of Toronto culinary hot spots Starfish and The Ceili Cottage, REFINED follows one man’s search for sophisticated luxury. The 12-episode series rolls out once-per-week on Mondays until June 15.

All of the episodes include co-branded opening graphics, product integration, and two Toyota promotional pre-rolls exclusive to the microsite. The episodes will also be promoted with a series of animated and static display banners to run across Bell Media’s digital properties. All episodes will be housed in a custom Discovery microsite with a large-format embedded video player and a Toyota Avalon photo gallery.




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