App That: Local Businesses Can Now Tap Into Word-of-Mouth Marketing With KnexxLocal App

KnexxLocalToronto-based technology startup KnexxLocal launched a new app this week called Instamonial, a free iOS application designed to help local businesses market themselves online.

How does Instamonial work?

Instamonial allows local businesses to snap photos of their work using the app’s camera feature. The user then sends an email to the customer directly from the app with the attached photos, requesting feedback on the work. Once reviewed, the photo is posted to the business’ website and distributed via social media channels along with the real-time customer review.

Who is Instamonial for?

“Word-of-mouth referrals are the single most important tool that local businesses can use to grow their business. Today, with the launch of Instamonial, we’re giving local businesses a way to use social media to grow those referrals in a way that wasn’t possible before,” said Paul Chen, CEO of KnexxLocal. “By enabling one-click sharing of customer references across social media channels, Instamonial super-charges word-of-mouth marketing.”

What smartphone is Instamonial for?

Currently Instamonial is only available on Apple’s iOS.

Along with the launch, KnexxLocal also announced a recently closed seed round of $1.1M raised from a series of well-established angel and investment firms including Round 13 Capital.