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Recently completing their Ultimate Love and Sex Survey,  female lifestyle site has released some interesting data about women just in time for Valentine’s Day.  As part of the survey, 2,500 women were polled with a variety of questions about relationships, sex, exes on social media, Valentine’s Day gifts.

Valentines DayA majority of women surveyed (over 80%), claim they are experimental in the bedroom to keep sex interesting – from somewhat experimental by varying things up here and there (52%) to very experimental by trying things like lingerie, sex toys, body contortions and more (30%).

Nearly 80% of women in the survey say they would not leave a guy if he became overweight because looks are not important. Alternatively, most women surveyed (nearly 60%) feel that they must stay a certain weight for their significant other.

Stress and fatigue are the most common excuses for not having sex (nearly 30%), but more than 40% of women surveyed said they never make excuses when it comes to sex. Only 1.6% of women in the survey use the “I have a headache” excuse.

“On one hand, the survey busts the bad rap women get in the bedroom – we found more women to be experimental and not making excuses when it comes to sex,” said Kristin Bustamante, Executive Editor. “On the flip side, women still hold many traditional views of love and sex. The most shocking finding is the double standard: women expect to love their significant other if he gains weight but don’t expect the same in return.”


Other highlights from the SheKnows Ultimate Love and Sex Survey:

  •     60% of women never fake orgasms (yes, 40% do!)
  •     35% of women would consider breaking up with a guy over text, email or social media and 35% of women have done just that
  •     90% of women would rather have a guy with a great personality than a great body
  •     Most women surveyed think a good bedroom romp should last between 30 and 45 minutes
  •     Actual bedroom romps by women in the survey lasted between 10 and 30 minutes (Dare we say, women want more?)
  •     Women prefer an experience like a spa day or vacation as a Valentine’s day gift over flowers or jewelry
  •     50% of women appreciate flowers every once in a while but do not expect it every year
  •     Most women would spend no more than $100 on a Valentine’s day gift for a guy
  •     60% of women say you should always wait to have sex past the first date; 40% say “why not?” to sex on the first date
  •     Nearly 80% of women think fighting is necessary for a healthy relationship
  •     60% of women claim they have never cheated
  •     50% of women say if they were driven to cheat, it would be because of a strong connection to someone else
  •     63% of women say the earliest they have told someone “I love you” is between one and four months
  •     More than 60% of women say they visit their exes’ Facebook pages
  •     Women prefer these sex positions: men on top (33%), doggie style (25%) and woman on top (24%)
  •     73% of women say it is not unattractive if a guy makes less money; it doesn’t matter how much money he makes
  •     56% of women say they should not unfriend exes on Facebook

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