Lavalife Discovers What Makes Women Sexy In New Poll

Ladies are you ready for Valentine’s Day?  According to a new poll from Lavalife, men don’t mind when a woman takes charge and leads. Conventional wisdom dictates that men should Happy Valentinesget the proverbial ball rolling, as if proactive women are somehow unfeminine or less mysterious or – gasp! – less sexy. Yet it appears that, in the minds of men at least, the exact opposite is true.

In a recent poll, asked its members: ‘Women asking men out: hot or not?’ A staggering 95 percent of nearly 1,000 male respondents answered ‘hot,’ while 64 percent of women also answered in the affirmative. Clearly there remains a gulf between perception and reality where women, men and dating are concerned.

“Like women, guys are five kinds of flattered being asked out. It’s not intimidating, it’s exciting,” offers Kim Hughes,’s Singles and Dating Expert. “With Valentine’s Day around the corner, women are well-advised to take matters into their own hands, sending a single guy an email on or simply striking up a conversation with a sexy stranger on the bus.”

So ladies, are you going to ask out that special guy this year?