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H&R Block Prepares For 2013 Tax Season In "Locker Room"

Locker RoomThe 2013 tax season is approaching, and H&R Block is once again getting ready to be there for Canadians in their time of tax need.  Leveraging on the work created by One Advertising last year, they have now created a new campaign which includes a :30 TV spot (see video below) and radio campaign.

The :30 TV spot called Locker Room” which focuses on H&R Block’s tax expertise by finding their customers more money through their free Second Look program.  In keeping with the “painless” campaign of the past two years, this ad misdirects the viewer into thinking the hero has sustained injury, but instead is really the victim of “tax pain”. The scene opens with a coach and trainer tensely standing over the legs of a player who is laid up on a trainer’s table:  Trainer: Hey Coach   Coach: Well?   Trainer: It was looking pretty bad.   Coach: Yeah?   Trainer: But he got a second opinion.  Coach: And?

Complementing the new spot, the campaign also features the return of the original campaign ad “Doctor” which launched two years ago in both :30 and :15, refreshed with new graphics and price point for basic tax returns. Messaging has been streamlined from the original spot which shows a doctor entering an exam room to see a patient whose chart suggests he has back pain. The patient admits it is ‘a little lower than that’. The doctor takes one look and diagnoses `tax pain’ and says `there’s nothing I can do about that.  See ya.’ The spot goes on to explain how H&R can help.

Advertising Agency: One Advertising

Media Agency: Zenith Optimedia