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Yahoo! Canada Insights: Content Connections #FFWDadweek

Yahoo CanadaYahoo Canada returned to FFWD Advertising and Marketing Week 2013, and this year used their time slot to present a discussion panel called “Content Connections.”  Yahoo’s Nick Drew, Research Manager moderated the discussion panel which also had Steve McAllister, Managing Sports Editor at Yahoo! Canada, Kayan Ng, Digital Marketing Manager, Volkswagen Canada, Mariele Calvo, Project Manager at ZenithOptimedia and Michelle Campbell, Digital Strategist at TAXI.

Below are some of the points we caught from the discussion panel:

  • Brands are playing catch up
  • Consumers have become very sophisticated compared to where companies play with social media
  • Consumers are so savvy, they know more about the cars before they get to the show room before the sales staff
  • Brands and agencies are always looking for new brands to communicate with consumers
  • Brands are learning to do that in a really fast way
  •  As a brand you have to focus on what is relevant to the consumer
  •  We’re moving away from banner ads, and looking more at native advertising
  •  People stories. Vs brand stories
  •  We need to find a way to tell the stories in a natural way
  •  Brand content is a great opportunity to work with publishers, but the problem is that it may not always be in line with my brand value
  •  There’s a fine line on how much to “brand” branded content. You don’t want to sell out, you don’t want to get lost
  •  We’re starting to see many variations of branded content (mobile games, )

What Is The Future Of Branded Content?:

  •  There is a need for content that isn’t limited to a time windows, we’re seeing many “how to” videos by brands
  • The voice of the consumer continues to grow and their importance to the brand will only increase