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2012 Most Influential Brands in Canada #FFWDAdweek

Ipsos Reid presented their 2012 Most Influential Brands Study as part of FFWD Advertising and Marketing Week, this is the second annual study Ipsos. This year the expanded initiative also included, for the first time, The Most Influential Brand in the World.  Based on the online survey, five times larger than last year with more than 5,000 Canadians, Google ranks as the most influential brand in Canada and additionally ranks as the most influential brand in the world.  According to the findings, Google is perceived as a leading edge brand which has changed forever the consumer landscape, a trustworthy brand with a strong future, and also records a high level of online consumer engagement.

2012 Most Influential Brands in Canada:

  1. Google
  2. Microsoft
  3. Apple
  4. Facebook
  5. Walmart (no change)
  6. Visa
  7. YouTube
  8. Tim Hortons
  9. Air Miles
  10. CBC

“Brands have meaning, personality, and attitude.  And because people so often identify with, relate to, and define themselves by them, brands have influence,” said Steve Levy, President, Ipsos Reid.  “For a brand to succeed, it has to reach its audience, connect with them, and get them to buy into the brand’s promise.  But for a brand to have real influence it needs to win on the crucial dimensions we identified — trustworthiness, engagement, leading edge, presence, and corporate citizenship.  Google is this year’s leading example — not only in Canada but on the world stage.”