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SHOP.CA And The Exchange Lab Discuss How To Leverage RTB. #FFWDadweek

Guest Post:  Camila Kosco Gervais a highly motivated and skilled business and marketing professional with proven experience in networking, community-building and business development.You can connect with Lisa on Linkedin or Twitter.


SHOP.CA, Co-Founder and CEO Drew Green discussed with Thierry Bazay – General Manager of The Exchange Lab how they leveraged real-time bidding to drive new customer acquisitions Shop.caat Day 2  of FFWD Advertising and Marketing Week.

Drew Green introduced the segment explaining the eCommerce industry trends here in Canada and SHOP.CA’s creation by playing a video where he was interviewed by Amanda Lang and Kevin O’Leary on the Lang and O’leary Exchange.  To be honest this wouldn’t be my idea of a great conversation starter since the attendees already recognized the brand (The question was asked after the video, the entire room’s hands were raised). If we wanted video we could found it ourselves on YouTube. Perhaps the question should have been asked prior to the video. Although, the video was insightful, us, attendees in the room came to hear the information live after all we are living in a real time economy and this session’s focus was on leveraging with REAL TIME bidding.

Followed by Drew’s introduction on his operation, Thierry introduced RTB with the similar concept by playing a video of James Aitken discussing Real Time Bidding on BNN. After the video Thierry did a great introduction of Real Time Bidding by comparing it to Google Adwords, a familiarity amongst all of us advertisers and marketers. Real time bidding is in the same supply and demand curve when Google announced Adwords.  The benefits are obvious, advertisers can set the price they are willing to pay to target specific users whether they are looking for above the fold or below the fold.

The fixed rate we have all known to be working is slowly diminishing and RTB is vastly growing in the Canadian market. Companies like RocketFuel, TubeMogul (Video),  and Appnexus to name a few have recently entered the Canadian market. For some, this is just another trend in the industry but in reality this is the evolution of online advertising. Real time bidding is one of the most exciting and promising releases to date in the industry.  Reaching consumers through multiple channels through one single campaign is not only beneficial, but also efficient.