Hyundai Canada Scores A Touch Down With New GASPOCALYPSE Ad For Super Bowl 47

Hyundai GaspocalypseHyundai Auto Canada Corp (HACC) is looking to score another touch down at this year’s Super Bowl, and the automaker has created a new ad campaign to entertain Canadian TV viewers.  Hyundai isn’t waiting until game day to unveil the ad spot, instead they have turned to their Facebook page and YouTube Channel to entertain consumers now.

“We are thrilled to be one of the few Canadian companies committed to creating a unique commercial for the 2013 Super Bowl. There is no bigger stage than the Super Bowl to make a statement about one of our products and its advanced technology,” said John Vernile, HACC’s Vice President of Marketing. “We decided to invest in this commercial to entertain our viewers but at the same time, to inform them that we have a world-class hybrid sedan.”

The 60-second TV spot, created by HACC’s advertising agency Innocean Worldwide Canada, features the Sonata Hybrid in a post-apocalyptic chase scene with an epic, cinematic feel.  Director Benji Weinstein (Steam Films) assembled a crew of  Hollywood’s best stunt drivers and stunt coordinators whose credits include Kill Bill, Transporter 2, The Amazing Spiderman, The Green Hornet…to name just a few.  World renowned cinematographer Amira Mokri (The Fast and the Furious) brought the action to life.

The commercial will air during the Half Time Show. “The Super Bowl has evolved to become an all-round entertaining event for the viewers. But the Half Time Show historically gathers the whole family in front of the television, so it only made sense to air our commercial when the most viewers are expected to tune-in,” said Vernile.  “I have no doubt that Canadians will appreciate that Hyundai took the extra step to ‘up’ the entertainment factor of the Super Bowl broadcast in this country with our own, unique ad.”

Advertising Agency: Innocean Worldwide Canada