Olive Media Launches Hybrid Tablet Product

Olive Media-TabletOlive Media announced its newest product offering this week for advertisers after having success with similar solution in the past.  The online advertising company’s new tablet hybrid product allows advertisers to move beyond the traditional desktop ‘ inventory and delivers a tablet advertising experience to audiences consuming content on their tablet devices.

“We commit ourselves to putting together communication strategies completely informed by both technographics and dramatically shifting media consumption habits. Tablets have provided a rapid and dramatic change in the way many Canadians interact with media. Despite this, there has been a lack of tablet-specific merchandising opportunities in our market,” explains Shane Cameron, Managing Director, Digital and Emerging Media, OMD Canada. “Olive Mobile’s hybrid tablet solution allows us to deliver engaging tablet advertising to the right audiences, with scale.”

The new product is already available across more than 10 premium publisher sites in English and in French, and can be adapted to accommodate many different styles of native tablet advertising experiences.