24/7 Media & Jumptap Partner To Deliver Single Ad Buy Solution On Mobile and Online Screens

24/7 Media announced a new partnership today with Jumptap, Inc., who offers a targeted mobile advertising solution, as a result their customers will now be able to better  reach their desired audience across mobile and PC-based online display in a single buy – a first in the industry.

Content consumption and task-related behaviors are fragmenting across screens at an unprecedented pace, and consumers are increasingly indifferent to the screen from which they garner information. By offering advertisers a two-screen opportunity, 24/7 Media (with a reach of 86 percent of internet users*) and Jumptap (with a reach of 85 percent of smartphone users**) are bridging the elusive gap between mobile and online media. The offering opens up new levels of scale and transparency in mobile advertising, allowing advertisers to deliver their message to users across screens including tablets and smartphones. This unified offering will help advertisers reduce the inefficiencies and waste associated with campaigns running across mobile and online display.

“The transition from online to mobile is not simple. Many advertisers face unneeded layers of complexity and difficulty in delivering, targeting and measuring ads,” said Adam Soroca, Chief Product Officer, Jumptap. “Our mobile and online integrations with 24/7 Media provide advertisers with a unique solution for the cross-screen world consumers live in.”

The solution is currently in beta and expected to be rolled out in the first quarter of 2013.