Pivotal Payments Launches Square Competitor, Brings Mobile Payments On The Go Solution To The Market

Montreal-based Pivotal Payments announced the release of their PivotalMOBILE solution which allows for mobile payment processing via a iOS, Android and BlackBerry attached to their new card reader.

“As smartphones are becoming increasingly ubiquitous, it’s only natural that merchants and their customers want to integrate them into every aspect of their lives,” said Philip Fayer, President and CEO of Pivotal Payments. “At Pivotal, we’re always evolving to meet and exceed the needs of our clients and partners and we’re extremely pleased to offer this innovative, new processing platform.”

Some of the features of PivotalMOBILE include sales and refunds, accepting and editing tips, e-mailing receipts to clients and verifying transactions with on-screen signature capture and transaction geolocation.