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Rogers Aims To Prove Its The Fastest Internet Provider In Canada, Hires Independent Third Party To Conduct Testing

Bell, Rogers and TELUS have been in a battle over the last five years with each trying to out “broadband” each other and be the fastest Canadian high-speed provider to consumers. The battle has pushed advertising agencies to come up with creative campaigns using beavers, dogs, cheetahs and from time to time an actual person all touting their network is faster. The battle has also moved into the court system as each provider has sued the other over verbiage used in the advertisements. Last week Rogers announced it has hired
SamKnows, an independent world leader in broadband performance testing, to conduct ongoing measurement of broadband internet speed, based on customer data collected in the home.

Rogers has made huge financial investments into their broadband network, to date they have invested a total of $10 billion in network infrastructure, which has paid off as their revenues on the broadband side continue to grow quarter after quarter.
It should be interesting to see the results of the audit, imagine if they conducted on based on customer satisfaction. Something to make you go hmm…