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Tonya Surman – CSI Toronto "The New Economy Is All About Collaboration" #SLT2012

Guest Post:  Tara Kelly is a contributor with, she has worked with organizations such as Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, Research in Motion, Mosaic and Mattel in various marketing capacities. You can connect with Tara on LinkedIn or Twitter.  Below are notes from the SociaLight Conference:

Tonya Surman is the Co-Founder for The Centre for Social Innovation in Toronto. At the 2012 SociaLight Conference she presented an enlightening session on taking power as entrepreneurs and applying it to the world we want to live in. She highlighted several key points in making this happen. Continue reading to learn some business wisdom from Tonya.

1. “Its up to us”

  • take our power and energy as entrepreneurs and apply it to the world we want to live in…
  • the spirit we bring to the change we want to see in the world
  • you can be apart of the problem, or apart of the solution

2. “being the cause”

  • stop thinking just about money
  • money as a form of energy
  • harness the power of change in the world
  • its up to us to make the change
  • the rules of the game have changed, no body knows what they are
  • understand the power of shared values
  • competitors are our best collaborators

3. “build the new ecomony”

CSI – centre for social intervention

  • solutions for systems changing
  • culture of community and collaboration
  • vibrant cross section of people making the world a better place
  • removing barriers, bring product to market efficiently

work, connect, create, transform

  • shared work space
  • become a toronto member today
  • foster relationships
  • provide foundation to build relationships you need to succeed
  • facilitate transformation
  • “cultivate TO” team…bringing organic gardening into households in the GTA

  • become a world changing entrepreneur!