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Agapi Stassinopoulos – Huffington Post Blogger And Author of "Unbinding The Heart" #SLT2012

Guest Post:  Tara Kelly is a contributor with Profectio.com, she has worked with organizations such as Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, Research in Motion, Mosaic and Mattel in various marketing capacities. You can connect with Tara on LinkedIn or Twitter.  Below are notes from the SociaLight Conference:

Agapi Stassinopoulos truly did open her heart to us at the 2012 SociaLight Conference. She presented an uplifting and heart felt session at this years conference. She spoke about her passion for life, and her experiences which have truly shaped the person she has become today. Read on to discover more about the knowledge she has to offer and the incredible being that is, Agapi Stassinopoulos.

  • we are all part of the chain, global thinkers
  • we are not alone
  • what really matters, wisdom, knowledge

Success is a legacy, our inheritance

  •  Rules/principles learned:
  • be ourselves
  • learn about our personal gift, own it, share it
  • find your “compassion” for yourself, humanity
  • shift consciousness by declaring and owning we have a gift to create the life we want
  • what we have to offer the world
  • be straightforward, to the point
  • what can I do for you…offering, this is empowering!
  • claim your own identity
  • Agapi-dance, act, share her love with the world

 “number one killer of human spirit is doubt, not fear”

  • doubt is like traitors, makes us collapse
  • find confidence to know you never walk alone!
  • tell your story, and you will become significant!
  • bless people with love thoughts, emotions
  • we are needed, our joy is needed

Who we are is wealthy!