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Kanika Gupta – SoJo – #SLT2012

Guest Post:  Tara Kelly is a contributor with, she has worked with organizations such as Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, Research in Motion, Mosaic and Mattel in various marketing capacities. You can connect with Tara on LinkedIn or Twitter.  Below are notes from the SociaLight Conference:

Kanika Gupta first launched her company, SoJo (Social Journal) at last years SociaLight Conference. In her presentation, she discussed how she came to that initial launch, and how far her company has come since then. Read on to find out how Kanika went from zero to a full on company launch in just 6 weeks!

The Idea Behind SoJo

  • Channel passion into social impact
  • World of resources, good intentions, action social impact
  • How to build ideas, get the right resources
  • Currently there was no platform for shared intelligences
  • Learn from eachother, need to collaborate
  • Find solutions together
  • Build one website that brings together resources, in one place
  • Bring ideas out of journal into reality

Planting the Seed…

  • knocked on doors, experts in the field, shared vision with them
  • people slowly came on board, but not enough
  • met Theresa Laurico (CVO SociaLight Conference)
  • 6 week countdown began until conference/Launch of SoJo…
  • built virtual team, put together a site, focused on content and connect
  • “The” Knowledge Hub (commission unesco, forbes, globe and mail are only a few examples of organizations that support the company today)
  • importance of planting your seed. Process of watching the plant grow -exponential growth
  • have to put yourself out there
  • passion is contagious
  • surround yourself with like minded people
  • you can go very far with very little
  • barriers in the early stages, money
  • SoJo came from not one dollar of funding
  • but, SoJo had/has passionate, smart dedicated people
  • “celebrate the journey”
  • it’s a personal journey.
  • making social change happen”

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Call for entries to Agencies, Publishers & Vendors - Fastest Growing Awards now OPEN