Canadian Club Says Join The Club And Get Some Whisky Whisdom

As part of their latest marketing campaign targeted at males, Canadian Club Whisky kicked off “Join The Club” today nationally in Canada and features video segments available on specialty TV, on Facebook and in digital media that star the “Canadian Club Chairman” and offer humourous Whisky Whisdoms to help guys to ease their way into the whisky world.

Throughout the campaign, the brand’s newest voice, the “Canadian Club Chairman,” imparts a barrel-house full of Whisky Whisdoms that act as blunt, unapologetic and undeniable truths, such as:

  • Never send beer to do a whisky’s job.
  • Everything in moderation. Except bacon.
  • Drafts are best suited for fantasy football. Order a Canadian Club Whisky.

Facebook fans are encouraged to submit their own Whisky Whisdoms by joining The CC Club at and gaining exclusive content, local event invites and, of course, wisdom.