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Amber Mac – 7 Tips To Success In Your Company – #SLT2012

Guest Post:  Tara Kelly is a contributor with, she has worked with organizations such as Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, Research in Motion, Mosaic and Mattel in various marketing capacities. You can connect with Tara on LinkedIn or Twitter.  Below are notes from the SociaLight Conference:

Amber Mac – entrepreneur (Konnekt – Creative Digital Engagement), television host,  speaker, and  author, presented an interesting session based on seven things she has learned throughout her career thus far to help you grow your business. Read on, in this session entitled “7 Tips To Success In Your Company”, to learn Amber’s secrets.

Amber Mac can recall the exact day when she knew she needed to become an entreprenuer. It was December 17th, 2004. Her grandmother was sick in the hospital and when she felt she needed to be by her grandma’s side, she was instead on a conference call for her current job. It was in that moment when she decided to hang up and take control of her life. She realized that she wanted only herself to be in control of her own destiny.

She has complied the following tips based on achieving success within your company:

  1. Be out front – of your company
  2. Timing is everything
  3. Support a cause – Movember
  4. Choose the right tools – photos and videos
  5. Listen well – keep an ear to the digital groud. Sign up for “google alerts”
  6. Protect your privacy – still be active in social media space.” Privacy fix”
  7. Adapt to change – Figure out a way to adapt! Aboard a plane in first class, Amber used a hot towel as compress for her aching (nursing) chest.

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Call for entries to Agencies, Publishers & Vendors - Fastest Growing Awards now OPEN

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