Google Canada Opens New Canadian Head Quarters, Let's Party [Pics]

Google had a pretty busy week, on Tuesday they made an announcement of a new partnership with Waterloo-based Communitech, and on the same day  in Toronto Google played host as they opened the doors to their new Canadian head quarters.  Agencies, media planners/ buyers were invited to check out the new head quarters for Google Canada which is now a total of 5 floors of office space which works out to a total of 89,000-square-feet to house all the “Googlers” as they are known.

Google has had a presence in Canada for 11 years now, Chris O’Neill is the current Managing Director of Google Canada and has grown the company to over 400 employees, he is also the third person to take the Managing Director seat here in Canada.  Jonathon Lister held the position before Chris who has since moved on to LinkedIn, and Wendy Muller was the first person bring Google to Canada.

As for what is next for Google,they will continue to batter for advertising dollars across every possible platform including mobile, print, TV.  Personally I’d like to see Google allow Canada to be a place where new products or services are tested instead of only being tested in cities across the United States.  According to your own site there are 34,482,779 Canadians, is that not a good size to test your latest service?

Well until Chris makes that happen, here are some pictures from their opening

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