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Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey Wants Canadians To "Bee Beardify" For Movember

November is Movember, which helps fund awareness, public education and advocacy programs related to such critical men’s health issues as mental health and prostate cancer.   Brown-Forman Canada and The Hive have teamed up to launch a national in-bar promotion in support of Movember that gives consumers the opportunity to join the Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey swarm and  ‘Bee Beardify’ themselves through an on-premises iPad application.

Throughout the month of November, the Jack Daniel’s on-premise promotional team will engage consumers to sample Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey, and have them create a beard of bees for themselves that looks like Jack’s iconic moustache and goatee.

In support of the program, Brown-Forman Canada will be making a lump sum donation to Movember Canada.

Leveraging a customized iPad application that allows people to create – using Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey bees – hilarious bearded images of themselves, the program will provide participants with a link to download their image and share it as they see fit. The Bee Beardify app will also be available for download via iTunes to enable consumers to create Bee Beard images that they can directly share with their social media networks through applications such as Facebook and Twitter.

The brand strategy behind the Bee Beardify promotion is to create a fun and engaging interactive on-premise promotion to build awareness of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey, the new whiskey and honey liqueur blend that launched last year to wide critical acclaim from consumers and professional reviewers, alike.

“This is a highly innovative brand activation program that, at once, leverages the iconic brand image of Jack Daniel’s and builds awareness and trial of an exciting new product in our portfolio,” says Brad Fletcher, Managing Director of Brown-Forman Canada. “The fact that The Hive has been able to do this while tying in to a health awareness cause that is so important to our core target audience demonstrates their exceptional level of insight into the essence of our brand.”

One of the key marketing objectives of the Bee Beardify program is to strengthen conversion rates from trial to purchase through an in-bar sampling experience.  It is expected that at least 5,000 consumers will taste a sample of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey in each in-bar promotion, which will be executed across a minimum of 60 accounts across Canada.

UPDATE: “Please note: There is no official association or affiliation between Brown-Forman and Movember, and Movember Canada offers no endorsement to the Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey `Beardify’ marketing program run by Brown-Forman and The Hive.”