Canada Post Rolls Out New eCommerce Platform, Ship N' Go A Lot Faster

As more and more Canadians are turning to “www” to place their orders for products and services, Canada Post wants to be top of mind when it comes to how we get our items delivered.  The first smart step was when Canada Post created two distinct business units, one for their traditional mail deliver and the other for digital services, and recently they announced a new eCommerce platform powered by Toronto’s OrderDynamics.  The  new platform was designed to vastly improve the online shopping experience by empowering customers with their delivery options.

Women’s apparel retailer Laura Canada was the first to provide online shoppers the new Canada Post delivery options through its recently launched online store.

“This collaboration reflects Canada Post’s commitment to offer the most convenient delivery experience to Canadians who shop online,” says René Desmarais, Senior Vice-President of Parcels at Canada Post. “Our network is unparalleled and offers retailers opportunities to provide a customer experience like none other. In an online world, this is key.”

“Today’s busy modern women need convenience and the ability to choose not only what they want but where they want to receive it,” says Sam Barnes, eCommerce Director at Laura Canada. “Giving them options is what makes their online experience complete.”

 By integrating Canada Post into their online store, retailers can offer shoppers a full range of features, including the additional option to have their orders shipped to the Canada Post outlet of their choice. With nearly 6 500 outlets across the country, a postal outlet is within 2.5 km of 78% of the Canadian population. The platform also offers shoppers real-time updates and information on shipping, processing and delivery status.