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Future Shop Celebrates Its 30th Anniversary, Still Continues To Be The Dominant eCommerce Retailer In Canada

Can you believe it, Future Shop is 30 years old, the Canadian retailer recently celebrated the major milestone.  Over the years they have grown from one store in Vancouver, British Columbia to over 145 stores from coast to coast.  Today, Future Shop proudly is recognized as Canada’s largest electronics retailer, over that time frame they have brought us many great and memorable products such as:

  • COMMODORE 64/1541 computer system
  • POLARIOD – Supercolor 635CL – Instant camera
  • RCA black and white television
  • Original 1989 DMG-01 Nintendo Game Boy
  • General Electric, 3-5283A, AM/FM stereo cassette music system
  • Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)

Future Shop has also been at the forefront of online retail having an eCommerce platform for over 15 years.  I had a chance to catch up with Tyler Haynes, Area Sales Manager, Cell Shop at Future Shop for a look back at Future Shop’s eCommerce efforts, here’s an excerpt from our conversation:

Profectio: How long have you been with Future Shop?

TH: I’ve been here for 17 years now.

Profectio: Why did Future Shop get into the eCommerce game?

TH: Natural evolution, and it was the right thing to do as Canadians were using electronic devices to purchase electronics, and wanted a solution to do so from within their own home.

Profectio: When did Future Shop launch its eCommerce site?

TH: We launched back in 1998, we were the first to get a .ca domain, and we also have a bilingual site.

Profectio: Since launching many other Canadian retailers have tried and failed – what has Future Shop done right?

  • TH: Many Canadians check online and then come into the store to make their purchases
  • Biggest thing I’ve learn is the tough process of someone saying “Do you have this or that item?”  We can now say “Yes, would you like that delivered to your local store?”
  • We offer free shipping on anything over $19.99

 Profectio: What are some challenges that prevent eCommerce  from growing faster?

TH: The comfort zone still needs to be conquered, people still want to see and touch the product.  We have to continue to evolve and ensure we let consumers know of our new product offerings.

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