Ad Network Ideon Media Acquires Youth-Based Social Networking Site Nexopia

We knew that Kevin Bartus, CEO of Toronto-based Ideon Media, Canada online advertising network that focuses on verticals such as beauty, parenting and entertainment has announced it has acquired Nexopia is an Edmonton-based social network with over 1.2 million registered members who’s age generally ranges from 14 to 24, the site was founded by Timo Ewalds in February 2003.

“Nexopia is the most widely-known social network built by Canadians for Canadians,” said Kevin Bartus, CEO of Ideon Media.  “We’re excited to be able to take this active community to new heights over the coming years.”

 The site was originally designed  as a way to fight back against his high school for banning floppy discs Ewalds quickly took advantage of his program’s potential to connect his friends online. As social networks grew started to grow in popularity it has privacy groups took notice and expressed some concerns with the Canadian Privacy Officer’s office which have been since corrected.
Smart move on the part of Ideon Media as they have now added another 10 million pages served per month from Nexopia, as well can earn have access to an online property they own versus having to do a revenue share deal.