Its Red, Its Hot, Its The AOL Canada Holiday Party, November 22

Graham “The Turn Around King” Moysey and crew over at AOL Canada have a nice little publishing machine in a very short time, and they know how to celebrate their successes, just look at some of the pictures from the Huffinton Post Canada’s 1 Year Anniversary Party. Also there was the time when they brought Cee Lo Green to Toronto for a TIFF party last year. ¬†They’ve taken a brand that many had forgotten about, and have grown and expanded it from eastern Canada all the way to the western Canada.¬† A lot of the credit does go to Graham, he turned Sympatico/ MSN into the top online property in Canada during his time there, and then did the same at CanWest, so AOL Canada’s future looks pretty bright.

As we roll into the holiday season it is that time once again to celebrate, so why not hold a holiday party!