Digital Marketing Pulse – Steve Levy, President, Ipsos Reid #digital12

As part of our coverage from Digital Day 2012, Steve Levy presented a session outlining the results of an annual report on Digital Marketing. This report considers trends as seen by digital media practitioners. Read on for a summary of results in this session entitled “Digital Marketing Pulse”.

Marketers and Agencies have experienced a change over the last 7 years.
From the viewpoint of:

  • “Don’t Go There” to
  • Having to manage ambition

This presentation takes into consideration the perspectives of:

  1. What Canadian marketers/agencies are doing?
  2. What the public is doing?

Leaders in Digital Marketing:

  • Google
  • Amazon
  • Ford
  • Nike
  • Apple
  • Rogers
  • Coke
  • Starbucks
  • Facebook
  • BMW
  • Kraft
  • P&G

Components of Digital Marketing

  • 2006 – 10 components identified
  • 2012 – 17 components identified (including email marketing and search engine optimization)

Email Marketing

  • The Marketer/Agency Point of View
    • Targeted email campaigns are more effective than direct mail campaigns
    • In 2012 “Daily Deals” flooded the market
    • Saw a minor bounce back of direct mail
    • Email marketing is alive and healthy


  • The Consumer Point of View
    • 88% receive promotional emails
    • Willingness to receive info via this medium

Search Marketing

  • The Marketer/Agency Point of View
    • “The more you know the less you know”
    • The Twitter Effect (Micro-Blogging)
    • The Public Point of View
    • Many are aware of Twitter, few are using it
    • Awareness of Twitter in 2006 was only at 1%
    • Increased to 15% awareness in 2011

Social Network Marketing

  • The Marketers/Agency Point of View
    • Continues to evolve (Facebook)
    • Usage content: 54% Strategy tools
    • 2012 was NOT the year of the mobile
    • Dip amoung marketers usage
    • Agency side is up, however, showing lots of innovation

Mobile Marketing is the next frontier in digital marketing, however:

  • Mobile is the first to get cut in budget
  • It is hard to demonstrate its effectiveness

Best practices in Digital Marketing include:

  1. Target market/know your audience
  2. Engaging/Interactive

Canadians understand the digital connection, but no one stands out.

  • The Marketers/Agency Point of View
    • Shuffling expenditures across media continues
    • Print, Radio, TV, OOH, and Direct mail have all decreased
    • Email, Mobile and Online have all increased

From the Conference Board of Canada:
“Internet to overtake television by 2016”

7 Thoughts to leave you with:

  • “Don’t go there” to managing ambitions
  • Email marketing is alive and healthy
  • Gap between effort expended and public’s willingness to receive
  • Twitter is important in the mix
  • Leaders in the FMCPG, financial services, and retailer industries
  • Major mobile, minor traditional
  • 2012 was NOT the year of the mobile