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Twitter Hires Director of Agency Business Development, Could A Canadian Expansion Fly North By Winter?

AdAge reported that Twitter has hired Matt Derella (a former Google Executive) as the social network’s new Director of Agency Business Development, the guy who’s going to help bring media revenue to the company. We had speculated in the past that Twitter would be opening up in Canada soon, but our sources were a bit off the mark in terms of timing.  It is inevitable that Twitter will make expand and open an office in Canada, most likely in Toronto.  All major International brands have an office in Canada, management team in Canada, well except Yahoo but there must be something they know that others don’t, oh, and their stock is currently floating around $16.

It is mid-October now, and Twitter is just ramping up on media sales side so don’t expect a Canadian office to arrive until the new year, of course this does raise another question – Who will head up Twitter Canada?