It Is On! The Annual Microsoft Advertising Party – Nov. 7

As I’ve said a few times, Microsoft Advertising threw by far one of the best parties of 2011. There was a packed room of advertising and marketing people network with, lots of food and a beverage (or two). ¬†Of course what night would be complete without the dance floor where the ad industry showed up and did it right, it was one of those nights where event the guy doing the “Cabbage Patch” looked good (ok, well he had fun, and that’s all that matters.) The icing on the cake which put the night over the top was a guest performance by Naughty By Nature. The night was a pure jam – period.

It is now official, the invitations have gone out – did you get yours? The date has been set for November 7, 2012, we had a chance to chat with some of the Microsoft Advertising team, and they do have another good event planned.