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LinkedIn: How To Be Successful; Driving Customer Engagement And Results In Today’s Social Landscape #SCCTO

Continued coverage from ShesConnected Conference, 2012:

Soniya Monga (@soniyamonga), Account Executive, Global Marketing Solutions, presented an informative session on how to leverage yourself and your brand or company on LinkedIn. Learn how to maximize your exposure on LinkedIn with this session entitled “Driving Customer Engagement and Results in Today’s Social Landscape”

“Change some perceptions, leveraging your LinkedIn brand”

The more social interactions that your company offers the more valuable it becomes
2 dynamics that are shaping our social presence:

  • Every individual is a business
  • Professionals are tapping into their employees strengths

Your Digital Footprint

  • Managing your digital identity allows us to create opportunities and touchpoints to relate and connect with others
  • Since the Internet’s commercialized, the social landscape has changed dramatically
  • Portals: Be listed
  • Search Engines: Get ranked
  • Social: Participate
  • Each platform fills an unmet need from the previous platform

“Search is the database of intentions”90% of marketers are using social media for business

43% have noticed improvement in sales due to social media
The longer that you are working in social media the better you are getting at it.

LinkedIn founded in 2003, by five people – to create a place where professionals can connect on the web

  • Investment of time rather than passing of time on LinkedIn
  • “The Professional Network”
  • Quality of audience is high, fluent, educated,
  • 175 million members
  • 6 million directors
  • Where Members Spend Their Time?
  • Homepage – information dashboard
  • Profile page
  • -start implementing strategies to send people your data, through social media
  • -stop buying traffic, invest in distributing
  • -website “hub of marketing activity”
  • -think about where people are, be where people are

Today’s professional understands that success is dependent on their social graph

  • Who do your first degree connections know?
  • How can you leverage the power of your second degree connections?

The increasing importance on the professional profile has informed the way we’ve grown on LinkedIn

  • Engagement comes through content channels available on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Today: a way to aggregate the various content you find on the web. LinkedIn Today presents relevant news to you. LinkedIN will source your social/professional graph

InShare Button: sends data to LinkedIn platform, they take data to help you sort it, help ppl receive the right signal

  • Make all these insights available to you everyday
  • A key part of our strategy, and a big part of our value proposition is mobility
  • Application on the Ipad or desktop
  • The Ipad lets us create a new experience from scratch
  • People news, promotions, job changes
  • Simplify a way for professionals to start there day with a dashboard
  • “Survival Skills 101 for the next 5 years will be deriving insight ahead of your peers”

Through LinkedIn you can reach highly targeted, high quality audiences in the most relevant ways

  • Bring LinkedIn insights into your business

Brands are being asked to participate in this ecosystem
IPG Media: uses status updates to update their followers

  • Free relationship building tool
  • Target various audiences, industries, demographics with status updates


  • 100 updates in last month
  • 260,000 members
  • Update their products and services
  • Good exmple of branding your company on LinkedIn

These companies are driving engagement
Engage those most interested in your brand.
Introducing Company Status Updates

  • Once people start to follow you, they are unlikely to stop

Unlock a unique and massive opportunity with the follower ecosystem

  • -Brand websites are declining in importance, down by 12% in visits to official company brand websites
  • -Follower activity is nascent and already significant, 53% of social network users follow brands vs. 32% celebrities

LinkedIn Follower Research

  • 55% follow a company forever
  • 45% want weekly updates
  • People don’t want to see promotions on LinkedIn

Brands are now seeing the value in creating Branded groups on LinkedIn

Call to Action

Network early and often
How are you creating content that’s compelling?
Are you providing business insights?
Do you have a company page the showcases your brand?
How are you leveraging your personal network?