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Kate White – Author, Career Expert, Speaker and Former Editor-in-Chief, Cosmopolitan Magazine #SCCTO

Kate White, Keynote Speaker at the ShesConnected Conference, 2012 presented a motivating, insightful and humourous session where she imparted some wisdom of her 3 secrets of success. These are highlights from her new book entitled ” I Shouldn’t Be Telling You This”.

3 Secrets of Success

1. You’ve gotta go big, or go home

  • first heard from coworker when referring to going out on a Saturday night
  • not enough to do what you’ve been told to do
  • need to push it, “go balls to the wall”, take it to the max
  • when was the last time someone said “WOW” about something you did?
  • it can be hard and scary to go big
  • 14 years ago, call from boss on a Sunday afternoon asking her to come in…
  • Offer to be editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan
  • Scared, hadn’t applied for it
  • Told herself she had to make it work by making it big
  • How do you do it?

Ask yourself:

  • Have I pushed it enough?
  • Am I as bold as I can be?
  • How stuck am I with “this is the way we have always done it”?

2. Stop worrying about people not liking you

  • get in touch with your “inner bitch”
  • sometimes we find ourselves annoyed with another person;
  • find out what we may be envious about
  • what is she doing that I should be doing?
  • turn it around on yourself
  • -sit beside the powerful person in the room
  • -Toot your own horn
  • -we don’t ask nor negotiate as well as men do
  • -we are afraid or intimidated because we think people won’t like us
  • -results in women making less overall than men
  • -asking for a raise “50,000 dollars in cash”, why didn’t I ask for “75,000”
  • -if you don’t ask for it you’re not going to get it

3. You’ve got to drain the swamp, and slay the alligator-getting caught up in the day to day things
What “drain the swamp” means to Kate:

  • “needing three hands”
  • reading emails, looking for any emerging trends
  • projecting the next year of cosmo
  • Where does Kate “drain the swamp”:
  • coffee shop
  • airport
  • “haven’t you done anything wild in your life?”
  • always make time for “draining the swamp”
  • we get so busy sometimes we forget to manage our successes
  • take one hour a week and ask yourself “am I where I want to be at this point in my life?”
  • network with the idea that you’re going to listen more then you talk, come back with at least one new idea
  • took Kate later then she wanted to realise the importance of draining the swamp
  • work life balance; Kate wishes she had scheduled time to drain the swamp earlier in life
  • Am I savouring life as much as I want?
  • Girlhood dream fulfillment? Author of fiction novels
  • Savour success
  • Stop working all the time
  • Be the bossy pants of our personal lives
  • Dare to set boundaries for ourselves

Kate White’s Holy Grail: Go Big, Sturdy Legs, Savour Success